Commitments must follow decisions!

Have you been, or are you, in a company where lots of decisions are made but nothing gets done and nobody is held accountable? Unless you agree in commitments about “who will do what by when,” you’ve just built 90% of a bridge. There will be a hole and you will drop into it eventually! That is if you are moving forward as it is.

Commitments MUST follow decisions

What can you do about that?

Taking decisions really only show yourself and people around you which intentions you have. Intentions have never ever created anything. What you need to get is commitments. And you have to make sure they last. Commitments holds people responsible and responsibility is one of the things that is really underestimated many places.

So here’s a simple recipe on how to commit on decisions.

1.       Make sure the intension is real!

When you want something to happen, you need to make sure that you really want it to happen. It cannot be just “a cover up” for something you want to get rid of, it can’t be a short cut to something that will help you only this minute and so on.

It need to be something that helps you get what you really want and gives you a bigger chance of achieving it to. If the intension isn’t real, the chance for not executing is big and real. You need to start thinking of what’s IMPORTANT not URGENT. Because it’s the important stuff that gives you the results you really want! Urgent will be there no matter what, but the important things needs focus.

So try to ask yourself this. WHY do I really want this? Why is it important? Why will this really help me?

Finding the cause or believe in what you want is often proved to be a good motivation source.

2.       Be specific!

When you know your intension is real and it will motivate to actually execute on it, you have get the specifics in order.

Try to convert the intention, which often is global and shallow, into a specific goal.

You can simply use this formula: X to Y before when?

The X is your current situation, the honest description of TODAY

• “How are your relationships with family members and viagra pills – anxiety.

. The Y is where you want to go, the things you want to achieve. The honest description of TOMMORROW. Before when is the date when you want to achieve something by.

3.       Make it a game!

Try to imagine a stadium with 90.000 spectators watching a soccer game. Everybody is excited and they are cheering on their team hoping they will WIN. It’s fun! It’s passionate!  On the pitch the players are fighting the best they have learned.

Now we take away the scoreboard!

What happens eventually?

The passion on the stand will slowly go away. The cheering will disappear. The motivation on the pitch will do the same, go away. The players will stop believing and then stop doing.

It’s the same thing in a company!

You need to have a scoreboard, you need to make it a game!

So find the right numbers from the excel shed and make them “do the work” in public instead. No reason to hide them away. They will not do any good in the computer anyway, but they will do a BIG difference out in the open.

Believe it or not, showing the numbers will do so much more than you have ever imagined.

4.       Believe and speak the right language!

Have you ever heard or said this yourself?

It would be great if…

Someone should…

Can you try to…?

The boss wants…

This type of language is typically spoken by people not really believing. When using this type of language, you will rarely achieve what you really want, because it doesn’t motivates you to execute.

A believing and executional language is more like this:

In order to get A (a want or need),

I want/need to get to C by B.

I do that by doing this by then,

…. Will I commit to that?

Overall you have two options really. One, you can decline commitment and achieve nothing or you can decide to commit and get things done! It’s as simple as that.

The above will probably help you get where you want to be or it will at least do some of it….

Remember, deciding is different than doing.