Investing in what?

What we are doing right now is investing in the future. We must prepare for… In a few years it’s important to… and so on. I hear that a lot. Maybe that investing in the future is a good idea or it is to some point. But what does it really mean and what are the thoughts behind when leaders say those words out loud?

I’m thinking what about right now? What about those same thoughts a few years back what happen to those investments? Did we live the strategy? Did we really act on what we said we would? How are our standings really? Result?

I have seen more than a few times, companies starting up on ”new investments” as in working on new business strategies because the old one after six month didn’t work out all that well for them

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. Now the same leaders/board members are creating a new strategy believing that the same people who couldn’t execute the old one actually can execute a new one! That’s a paradox! But it’s never the less reality in many companies.

Everyday Business

I believe that stopping up in this very moment is a much better choice. Stopping up thinking, what is really the issue here, REALLY the issue? Often it’s really not the strategy. Many companies is actually really, really good at knowing what they want. They may lack a little bit on the HOW TO part though. The tricky part is really the HOW TO part because it’s here all the excuses, all the short cuts, all ifs and buts are coming into play. The HOW TO part is packed into what we call everyday business which means Monday to Friday 08.00-16.00
. The hurricane of urgencies!

So the questions you really should ask yourself is; how do we change daily business? How do we handle all our patterns and habits? Are we doing thing right or good enough thinking about execution in the manner we want, really want? Can we with just some advantage do things a little bit different?

Urgencies or Importencies?

Here’s a thought and a tip for you. How often do you think I don’t have time for that? Everything is so urgent so I don’t get the time to do what’s really important? Honestly! First of all time is just tic-tac-tic-tac-tic-tactic-tac. Time flies and is not really a controllable recourse! Time is something you deal with by choice. So when are you taking your best choices? When you are in a hurry feeling that everyday business is eating you alive, where your boss comes with another change, in a state of mind where everything is urgent OR when you give yourself (and your boss gives you) time to really thing like what would be best for me, the organization and the result now? What’s more important for having the result wanted?

The tip is simple. Start by getting yourself and the rest of the staff/team out of all the urgent stuff and start looking at the important stuff. The stuff and the things THAT really will mean the world to you and the result you and your organization want!

So go on now and start executing a bit more than before….

Living and working the moment is preparing for the future!

Inspire Honesty – Excecute Excellently